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The Bloom. Summer 2015 Mini Collection

The Bloom, Inspired By Wale's song titled "The Bloom" a.k.a. AG3 the third rendition of Ambitious Girl. This collection and the title is symbolic of the growth of our brand, starting as a simple idea, and going through the process it takes to grow and bloom into something beautiful. 

This collection is for the girly girl that also happens to be a tomboy too. With most of the garments being able to be dressed up or down they are perfect for almost any occasion. 

While it is just clothing we also want this collection to be an inspiration to those who come across it, letting them know it's ok to have dreams, goals and aspirations, it's ok to be ambitious and go after you want, and most importantly it's ok to be yourself, continue to grow into the woman you were meant to be. 


"May the sun kiss you, unconditional
I pray each and every lyric get to you
On this third rendition
For you and your ambition both, bloom." -Wale

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