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Yatir: The history, the vision, and the growth

While this posts may be well overdue, figured it would be the perfect time to stop and write this posts as I sit and reflect on the growth of myself personally, as well as my brand. Just in case you're wondering who "I" am, my name is Joi Lanell, also known across social media as Madam Yatir and the young woman behind the brand Yatir.

The idea to start a clothing line came to me in a dream, and I remember it vividly, seeing a huge fashion show taking place with many people in attendance, BUT it wasn't just about fashion, it was about influencing and inspiring others. After that dream occurred, I immediately got started, coming up with designs, ideas, saving up the little money I had to get started. At the time I didn't have a name, but while in attendance at church one Sunday a few weeks after the dream occurred, my Pastor was preaching, and began speaking about "Yatir" he explained what it meant, the origin, and I immediately knew at that moment that I had been given the name to the brand that was seen in my dream.

Yatir officially got it's start in April of 2011, offering just a few t-shirt designs that caught the eyes of many people, with positive, inspirational and catchy sayings such as "Ambitious Girl" or another favorite "Don't worry, Pray. God got this". Since the start in 2011 my brand has gone through many ups and downs, and challenges that have helped to shape and grow the direction that we are currently going in today.   

The vision I have Yatir is definitely bigger than myself, bigger than fashion, bigger than the fashion industry! My vision and goal for the brand is to make it a lifestyle. With Yatir meaning "the highest point of success" and our motto being "Rise Above Expectations" it's only right that we live up to the message that we are preaching. Yatir is more than fashion, it's about collaborating, inspiring, encouraging, and educating other women, it's a brand to let them know they don't have to climb the ladder to success alone because there are many other woman on the same exact ladder, and if we help each other out we can all make it. Yatir is more than just the physical, it's the mental aspect as well. Of course we will look fly on the outside, but we need our minds inside to match the level of "lit-ness" (just made that up lol) that we exude when we walk out that door each morning. 

Over the past 4, almost 5 years (crazy how long it's been right?) my brand has grown, maybe not as much as I would have hoped by now, but I have made progress that I am proud about. We have gone from just t-shirts, to t-shirts and jewelry, custom clothing and now our very own original designs being created and put out there to sell! While it has not been an easy road, it has been one full of lessons and growth, helping me to grow as a young woman and forcing me to be put in uncomfortable situations which in return helped my business to grow and take new strides. 

Special thank to everyone that has been supporting and following this journey since we started! The goal is to continue to inspire, help others, and most importantly to "Rise Above Expectations".


The History, The Vision, The Growth.: Yatir Clothing 

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