Back To The Basics

Back to the basics. 

Most who have been following the brand for a while now, know that there is usually some sort of meaning behind each collection, or garment put out. While I won't get deep into it, this collection was inspired by my personal journey during 2016. I was faced with a roadblock (you know, life tends to throw something at you that you weren't prepared for). It not only stressed me out, but at the same time motivated me, inspired me, and taught me numerous lessons. It forced me to go back to the basics, reevaluate life, my purpose, and my vision for Yatir Clothing. Hence, the name "Back To The Basics". Sometimes all it takes is going back, laying a strong foundation and building from there. 


Thank you all for your continued support and being on this journey with me!


-Madam Yatir (Joi L.)