Behind the collection: Sun Out Skin Showing

Of course there's a back story to each collection. Let's be real, as a creator we sometimes get creative block, have moments where we are uninspired, unsure of what to do, questioning if we are staying true to our vision/brand and not comparing ourselves too much to others in our field. That's pretty much what was going on this time around, but my determination to remain consistent forced me to find inspiration somewhere which just so happened to be in a closet where I store my fabric. I came across a black mesh like see thru fabric, and then soon after found a beautiful fabric that reminded me of the 80's (although I'm a 90's baby, but I mean, still, I've seen pictures and watched movies, music videos from that time frame). Those two fabrics gave me the push I needed to make this mini collection. 

Sun out skin showing is a mini collection of summer pieces that break the fashion rules set for plus size women. Featuring mesh crop tops, a colorful wrap top and of course our signature bodysuit.

Each piece is bold in it's own way and has been named after peers and amazing women that have inspired and helped along this journey of building the Yatir Clothing brand: Jaylene, Veronica, Tea, Aleah and Karina. Thank you ladies for your continued support. "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women that have her back."


-Madam Yatir (Joi)


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