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#BLE Day 2 - My Presence Is A Luxury

Welcome to Day 2 of the Big Leo Energy series.

Today’s lesson or topic rather is from one of our top selling tees, “My Presence Is A Luxury”. A saying, an affirmation and something I firmly believe in. This saying came to me in a dream last year during the pandemic. During this time I was learning about really setting boundaries, telling people “no” and also realizing how much of an asset I am to any room (or zoom call) I step foot in.

I feel like getting the idea for the saying in a dream was a message for myself. Like my subconscious telling me “in the most humble way, you’re IT. It’s ok to say no. What’s for you won’t miss you”. Shortly after having this dream I also came across this quote by  Genesis Dorsey that says "I am a woman of influence and power. So expect some things to level up if they remain in my presence." A whole word! Our presence, our energy, our aura...is a luxury. So I knew I needed this saying on a tee, and it flew off the digital shelves!

“My presence is a luxury” can truly have different meanings for whoever is saying it, or wearing it. For me it was rooted in setting boundaries and also realizing that I truly bring something to the table.

Setting boundaries is a love language, it’s great for our health and our well being. Saying “No” is a complete sentence and you don’t owe anyone an explanation or an apology. Always put you and your well being first.

Now, realizing what you bring to the table can be difficult for some. Because chileeee, imposter syndrome can sometimes step in and be like “what’s good!? I’m here”. In those moments it’s really where you have to remember who you are. Remember what you bring to the table and that you’re an asset to any room you step foot in. Get out of your own way…and sometimes it’s ok to be cocky..let people know “my presence is a present” they know it, they feel it…make sure you embody it and enforce it…don’t play small…take up space. Your presence is a luxury…and not everyone can afford it.


Be Great,

Joi aka MadamYatir

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