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How We Were Able to Grow Our Business During A Pandemic

First off...let me start by saying: I do my own thing, and stay in my own lane..I'm Not With The Hype. Read it again, digest it...it's an important part of the brands growth story. 

I should probably introduce myself too huh? Hey y'all, this is Joi (aka @MadamYatir) owner, designer, everything...for Yatir Clothing at the moment. In this blog post I will be sharing how I believe I was able to pivot and ultimately grow my business, during the pandemic along with everything else that 2020 has thrown our way. I will start by saying, although I do have experience from working in the fashion and tech industry, I won't call myself a guru. I'm just sharing what I know, and what I've learned so you hopefully don't make the same mistakes I did. So let's get started. (I write a lot, so just a heads up...this might take a while, but it's so worth it)

1. Know the purpose and vision for your brand. This is what I believe is the most important thing. This is what allowed me not to get distracted by what everyone else was doing and allowing me to create freely..what I felt people would need. Although it's clothing, my purpose at the end of the day is to be of service to those that vibe with my brand.

I'm big on positive affirmations and witty sayings, that say what's on my mind without me having to verbally say it. So when I had to pivot from what I initially planned on releasing for 2020, that was my first thought. That's also in line with the vision in purpose of my brand. Which is to create versatile clothing for the everyday woman that uses fashion as her form of expression. 

2. Whew chileee..this one is difficult...even for me but we getting it together. CONSISTENCY. With having so much time on my hands due to covid, I realized where I was lacking. Consistency. I was so busy doing 50 million other things pre covid that I had loose ends, which I believe was a huge reason why my brand wasn't growing the way I wanted it to.

Create a schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. A schedule for everything, when to send out emails, content planning days/times, content creation, designing, packaging, shipping, the amount of time you want to post on all of you platforms etc.. and remain consistent. Watch, once you start being consistent, not only will your audience notice, but you will be able to better analyze your data, see what works, what doesn't and better make changes and adjustments to grow your brand/business.

3. Keep a journal. I keep a journal on me at all times, yes..Paper and pencil.. what'd the great Erykah Badu say? "Write it down on real paper, with a real pencil, with real intent and watch it get real." Write out your goals, random ideas, dreams, things you want to manifest. Write it down, and date it. There's power in writing things down. It's also beautiful to be able to go back and see things you had written down, have manifested (Quick lil shameless plug, get our Manifestation Journal, it's small enough to keep in your pocket! No excuses).

4. Read the room sis. Reading the room has been so important in 2020. Like I mentioned earlier in the post. Paying attention to what people need, or don't know they need just yet is important. 2020 has been heavy for ALL of us. Be able to read the room, change up products and content to serve the people even more so when times are heavy or uncertain. The Bloom collection, which was a collaboration with Sports Illustrated model Veronica Pome'e, was an idea I had in mind a year ago. For whatever reason, it just didn't feel like the right time to drop a collection with the basis of it being mental health and self care back in 2019. But here we are, 2020 the world is going crazy, and boom. The timing was perfect, the collection was needed during that time. Not only for the supporters of the brand but myself as well. I gained so much from the guest speakers that participated in Bloom Fest, as well as from the messages I received from people telling me how much they loved how intentional the collection was and how they were glad there was something for everyone one even if they couldn't purchase anything. I was able to read the room, on top of being an empath, and doing things with pure intention...and it worked out. 

5. Keep going. If it's something you're truly passionate about, don't let anything or anyone try and stop you. You might not get support from those you expected to support. Things might not go the way you wanted them to initially. But remember, It's a marathon not a race. There's a lesson in each failure and opportunity to do even better with each win. We're only in competition with ourselves, aiming to be better than we were the day before, in every area of our lives and businesses. I'll share lyrics from one of my favorite songs that helps keep me motivated:

"Longwinded, running through this life like it was mine
Never settling, but setting every goal high
One thousand burpees on the path to my own destruction or success
But what is a mistake without the lesson?
See, the best teacher in life is your own experience
None of us know who we are until we fail
They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation
Well who would you want to define you?
Someone else or yourself?
Whatever you do, homie, give your heart to it
And stay strong" - Nipsey Hussle 

6. More faith than fear. Back in January..you know how we all tend to write out our goals for the year. My biggest one was to have an office for Yatir. I wrote on my white board "Yatir HQ August 2020" I had no clue how I was going to make this happen but I wrote it out anyway. Fast forward to the Feb/March. There's talks of a pandemic, things start shutting down and here comes the Rona..the world is on lockdown. I was extremely worried at first. But one day something hit me, and I said to my self you can either worry, or have faith that things will work out. Instead of working and living with a scarcity mindset, I started to operate with a growth mindset. Trying my best to see the positive in the current situation and in what ways I could use this time to not only propel my business, but focus more on my personal self care and growth. I decided to have faith that things would work out, instead of constantly worrying about "what's next"...because truthfully, none of us knows what the next second is going to bring. We're living in very uncertain times, but create what you want to create, create freely, live and walk in your purpose, do what brings you joy. I'm a firm believer that with consistency and discipline, our gifts will make room for us.

Fast forward to August 2020...Yatir now has it's own HQ..during a pandemic. Without all of the support this would not have been possible. But it also all boils back down to all the points I listed above. In order to get somewhere, you have to put yourself out there, remain consistent, stay in your own lane, do ALL things with intention, and ultimately, don't give up.


Thanks for reading!


-Joi (@MadamYatir) 


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