Meet #YatirGyal Sherece!

Meet #YatirGyal Sherece!

We're glad to announce that NY native, Sherece was chosen as one of #YatirGyal Brand Ambassadors! We absolutely love her style, drive, determination and of course her amazing blog on which she blogs about fatshion, beauty, trends, body positivity, and coverage of plus size fashion events.

Check out one way she styled our Special Edition Birthday Jerseys on her blog!





Want to keep up with Sherece? Be...

Yatir: The history, the vision, and the growth

While this posts may be well overdue, figured it would be the perfect time to stop and write this posts as I sit and reflect on the growth of myself personally, as well as my brand. Just in case you're wondering who "I" am, my name is Joi Lanell, also known across social media as Madam Yatir and the young woman behind the brand Yatir.

The idea to start a clothing line came to me in a dream, and I remember it vividly, seeing a huge fashion show taking place with many people in attendance, BUT it wasn't just about...

The Bloom. Summer 2015 Mini Collection

The Bloom, Inspired By Wale's song titled "The Bloom" a.k.a. AG3 the third rendition of Ambitious Girl. This collection and the title is symbolic of the growth of our brand, starting as a simple idea, and going through the process it takes to grow and bloom into something beautiful. 

This collection is for the girly girl that also happens to be a tomboy too. With most of the garments being able to be dressed up or down they are perfect for almost any occasion. 

While it is just clothing we also want this collection to be an inspiration to those...

Bodacious Beauty of The Week.

My name is Mandi and I am currently 24 and a survivor of Metastatic Ovarian Cancer. I was diagnosed in Feb 2013 via an ER visit. I went to the hospital thinking I had a gall bladder problem, but within 48 hours I was diagnosed and in emergency surgery to remove the tumors. I lost both of my ovaries due to the tumors, one tumor was 7 pounds while the other was 4 pounds. I got to keep my uterus as it was not infected with cancer. My cancer was very aggressive. I had only had...

What is a Rebel Kwen?

The name of our new mini collection is "Rebel Kwen" you might ask, what is a Rebel Kwen? A Rebel Kwen (rebel queen) is a women that doesn't follow the trends, but sets her own styles and creates her own trends. She doesn't necessarily look to the celebrities to figure out how she will dress for the different seasons, although, she might mix and match the different styles that have caught her eye. She wears what she feels comfortable in, whether she wants to show a little skin, or cover up she doesn't follow the fashion rules, and...