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Collection with a purpose. Portion of profits to be donated to woman owned small businesses and creatives in need. Collection is loungewear, with the intention of providing a sense of peace, togetherness, positivity as well as promoting mental and physical wellness.

Sustainable products, with each item being made to order, and custom dyed here in California to reduce waste. 

Significance of each color used. 

Pistachio Green

Green is a restful and nurturing tone. We associate it directly with nature and the lush outdoors, and being in nature is proven to improve mood, cognition and health.

Symbolizing health and prosperity, the Egyptians believed it was a sacred colour, representing hope, joy, spring and fertility. The creamier, softer shades are best to soothe and calm.

Powdered Pink 

Pink promotes tranquillity and peace. In fact, Feng Shui believes it is the perfect tone for soothing energy, filling the heart with love. When choosing the right shade of pink, think soft and light, as brighter shades could leave you feeling overstimulated.

Pinks can stir feelings of compassion, nurture and love, especially in the softer, lighter variations which are linked to tenderness and empathy.

Sky Blue

This colour stands true to its name: peaceful, calm and gentle. Blue tones have the tremendous power of managing your stress and offering an escapism, especially in these softer, neutral shades. Blue can calm your mind, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, in turn reducing anxiety.


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