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We Eatin Fund

We noticed over the last couple of months, a spike in people needing food and the basic necessities to live. So we created the "We Eatin" fund, which is a fund being used to help women and women with children, that are in need of food and basic necessities during this time.

Not only will we be providing them with food and basic necessities. Our goal is to keep majority of the money circulated in the Black Community by patronizing black owned restaurants, stores/markets, and businesses across the US that carry necessities needed. Making sure that during these uncertain times, they are also able to eat and help their families.

100% of the money raised will be going to help those in need, in addition to the money being raised, Yatir Clothing is donating 10% of each order to the fund!

If you're a black owned business that would like to partner with us or you're a business that would simply like to donate food, or basic necessities, send an email to Contact@YatirClothing.com with the subject "We Eatin Fund".

If you are a woman or mom in need, send an email to JoiL@YatirClothing.com