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Hustlpreneur Crop Top - Yatir Clothing

Hustlpreneur Crop Top

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The purpose of "Pay The Lady" is to not only serve as statement, but a demand. Statistics show that on average for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes $.80. The stats are even more alarming when we see that women of color tend to make less than $.65 for every dollar a man makes. Not only do we deal with wage gaps, but for those of us who offer a service or product, our prices are often questioned and complained about.

This is a reminder to stand your ground, don't lower your prices, simply let them know to "Pay The Lady".

We encourage you to share your #PayTheLady story, tag us @YatirClothing & use the hashtag #PayTheLady so we can share your story. We can all learn from one another about how to navigate through business challenges + teach the girls coming after us how to come out on top and be compensated accordingly.